1979 saw the birth of the Fat Cat, the original “Fat Sandwich” only at RU Hungry?, a Rutgers University icon.  In 1997 the ‘Fat Darrell’ was introduced.  A new legend was born and continues to be the most requested “Fat Sandwich” today!

Named the #1 Sandwich in the Country by Maxim Magazine.

RU Hungry? has gained national attention being featured on Good Morning America and Fox News.  The Travel Channel had us on “Extreme Pig Outs” and “101 Best Places to Chow Down – The Chow Down Count Down” & Man vs. Food.  We were even featured at the XLVIII Superbowl PreGame Party held right here in NJ at the Meadowlands and at Madison Square Garden during a Knicks game.  All this adds up to eternal recognition! 

Our “Fat Sandwich Challenge” is well known and continues to welcome all comers! 

Just come on down, pick five of your favorite “Fat Sandwiches”, finish it all in 45 minutes and you can create your very own “Fat Sandwich” to be included on our menu.   Nearly 300 have tried, less than 30 have succeeded you could be next!

RU Hungry? has been a presence on the Rutgers University campus for decades at various locations.

We’re proud of our accomplishments, faced some tough challenges but can honestly say we’ve persevered.

RU Hungry? has been keeping in trend with today’s society.  Though known for our original “Fat Sandwiches”, those seeking healthier and more nutritionally beneficial options that are still tasty and delicious will be pleased to find them at our present location.  We’ll continue to offer what’s made us famous…  “Fat Sandwiches” though we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to keep your taste buds coming back for more!

We even offer Fat Salads for our customers that want to have the experience of a “Fat Sandwich” with the same great taste yet significantly less calories.  You’ll find Halal and vegetarian selections as well as some of the best Gyros and wraps in the area.

Now we’re looking to the future. 

The “College Avenue Redevelopment” project slated to open August 2016 will give us the opportunity to come back to where it all began.  We’ll have our first brick and mortar store giving us the chance to truly enhance our overall operation! We see this as a terrific opportunity.

We’ll be expanding our menu with even more diversity than what we currently offer.  We’d even like to hear from you… what you might like to see included on our menu.  Just click here to let us know.

Evolution, it’s what RU Hungry? is all about.

Through the years it all comes down to this…  RU Hungry? is more than just a question on the Rutgers campus.  It’s THE place to go for the best food around for miles!  We offer a great meal at a great value.  Find us anytime at 159 College Avenue, New Brunswick and home games at RU Stadium.

It’s a meal and an experience, served up with a smile, that you just won’t find anywhere else.  Our business was built right here at Rutgers University.  We’re an RU tradition.  Our students consider us a “rite of passage”, a true RU staple!  Our business is our passion.

Come see us at the trailer, call for delivery or have us cater your party.

No matter how you like it RU Hungry? will be happy to serve you!


Watch as some brave people take on the famed "Fat Sandwich Challenge"!